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ELL operates as a forum for dialogue, a test site for exhibition, and a space to explore and engage.

To fuel our artist-in-residence program and fundraising effort for select initiatives and non-profits:


we ask for small donations to keep us sustainable and to remain a resource for local and emerging artists. INSTIGATE!

SUpporters of ell

Danelle Guthrie

Tom Buresh

Meghan McAllister

Brandt Hewitt

Stephanie Griffith

Charlotte Canner

Caitlin Alev

Madeline Hartzell

Jennifer Siqueira

Samantha Erickson

Sarah Kia

Sarah Nostdal

Greg Gyulai

Kathy Scott

Rosa Sheng | Equity-by-Design

Megan McGuinn

Brandt Hewitt

Beth Naumann | HELLBENT

Priti Pai

Ian Svilokos

Daniel Baciuska

Ryan Jadhav

Denis Schofield

Andi Salcedo

The Bittner Family

Jean Ahn

Julia Chung

Laing Chung

Gwen Fuertes

Afra Farry

Nicholas Ruiz

Kathryn Greenberg

Liz Radke

Coco Segaller

Ian Colon

Walasia Shabazz

Lyda Cort

Aaron Levine

Bonnie Bridges

Charles Irby | ICOSA Design

Erik Willis

Kathryn Chappell

Bin Chen | Boba Guys

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