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ell.SF was the first rendition of a performance-based art space, produced by Jason Campbell (ell) and Sam Holtzman (last saturn). 

The work produced leveraged the fervor of a talented cast of artists and designers, all interested in working across media and discipline, rooted in architectural discourse. Each project began with a set of ideas and perspectives in mind. Over the span of public discourse and rigorous study, we worked to deepen our understandings or to completely unseat them.


Our workflow would start with a primary artist with whom we developed a conceptual premise for a 3-4 mo. exhibition. We then worked with extraordinary artists from different facets of design [visual, culinary, fashion, performance, ... ] to respond to the current body of work.

All things produced at ell.SF are still and will always be, a work-in-progress. Drawings, images, and text may (dis) appear or change as the story evolves. It's both iterative and generative.

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