Home Productions

Home Productions presents a series of performances, reflecting on intimate definitions of home.


In this rendition, a select cast of artists and designers will redefine and animate a common space and the objects therein. This inquiry considers how we undermine the conventions of built space and its representation through cultural subjectivity. We are curious about the characteristics of home that have shaped us, and what a productive and inclusive lens to observe and listen to these details may look like -- they are perhaps unlike the language often used to communicate the intentions of space; often built without us in mind.

The experience of the home poses a challenge: We must make it our own for it was built without our interests in mind, yet we covet and aspire for it.


What is this about?

Its about the architecture - the plan, the notation, the language, and how inaccessible they can be

They're criminal. Tools used to claim agency over others.

This is about where my mother grew up, and my attempt to understand where my family comes from.

The discrepancies found between our definition of home and the formal tropes and graphic language that undermine it.

the archetypes that symbolize the idealistic norms of living are born from a systemic disregard of advancement and contribution by many, devoid of our nuance

the domestic experience poses a challenge:

We must make it our own for it was built without our interests in mind, yet we covet and aspire for it.

The common language of [colonial] domesticity.

Confronting an intimate space, a reflection of ourselves.

Being vulnerable, sharing an inner sanctum, the rituals and productions we've kept private.

Location: ELL

Time: Summer 2020

Design / Direction: F. Jason Campbell




duration: 2-3 weeks
space: his place to be vulnerable in conversation

notes: We met for a studio visit at his home, and he shared how one can get lost in the syntax of his work.

He revealed that his work often conceals the secrets of those they are for. We are curious about the characteristics of his home to facilitate the sharing of secrets.


Josh will hold daily sessions with visitors. They are allowed in, one at a time, to sit and share a secret.

Josh, while shielded from the visitor by a confessional screen, will capture their secrets in his work.



Family Reunion

duration: 1 day

space: a place to rejoice, for call and response, to be family

notes: Andrew and I stopped for fresh film and took to Oakland and Richmond to capture the everyday. Towards the end of our session, he shared a genuine interest to host an event for those he cares for. He demystified the ritual of his family gatherings in Detroit, and why his investment in home requires intense conviction. While outlining the scenes of his childhood gathering, we knew the next rendition should shed light on this familiar practice, and that he couldn't do it alone


Recognizing the centrality of the home and family, Andrew will be joined by his two cousins, xxxx and xxxx, both seasoned musicians. They will carry us through the ritual of a Manuel Family Reunion.



Human Archive





Story Space

duration: 1 day





Listening Room for Bay Area Soul



I asked my mother to draw a plan of home. This was a mistake.

I asked for a plan, for which she felt it necessary to reconstruct a space dear to her, where they could be vulnerable, now through a lens notorious for its guise of place. It took weeks to finally see the first rendition. On grid paper (she doesn't own grid paper), where her mother's room was marked as 'Bedroom #1'.

This is my language of space, and I'm unsettled.

I'm curious about our understanding of home.

The utilitarian. The cases, boxes, frames, etc. to shape the narrative. Holding space in kind for each contributor.

The space inbetween

Developing my own process for crafting spaces to dwell. To figure it out. 


Preston Scott Cohen - Contested Symmetries

The study of architectural predicaments is not aimed at he production of new and conspicuous forms... It deals instead with the examination of the boundary between the straightforward and the deceptive, the conventional and the decadent.


While discussing building scenes with seemingly strict geometric logic ... These episodes are anomalous  primarily because they deviate from a readily accepted architectural norm. And this immediately raises questions about the status of norms themselves - their relative stability, their persistence, and how and to whom they are legible.

This project at ELL is an growing collection of stories, sounds and candid conversations that shape and reflect our collective understanding of space, social currents, and home. To hold these narratives, the architecture acts as a mediator; recording and hosting a wide array of sounds, both well crafted and dissonant, that portray contributions to the making of place. What we often consider mundane, are the scores to our everyday, sounds that resonate with others on a global scale, or may shed light on the nuances of a context unkown. Here, we aim to archive these experiences.

From Home Productions highlights the architectural collaboration between F. Jason Campbell, David Pierce and Nicholas Ruiz of Ohio Design. The making of a modular and sustainable sound space began with study of Ohio's fabrication process, revealing opportunities to leverage their knowledge of making and design sensibility. Located in San Francisco's Mission District, Ohio...., a process that has repositioned ELL as an archival space -  every growing as stories are shared.

OHIO Design is a designer and builder of modern furniture and interiors. We value raw materials and the finished piece; the home it decorates and the people using it; the makers who made it and the designers who designed it. We consider the entire process important.