ELL : Process



In which we catalog the different spatial configurations of sites of material extraction (specifically mineral and elemental) and, through abstraction, reveal how each configuration corresponds to the physical properties of the mineral/element, its role in current modes of production as well as its intended use.

We start at the largest scale, that of the extra‐urban. Sites of extraction that are as large as the landscape itself. By using USGS National Elevation Data (NED) and scripting tools such as Grasshopper, it is possible to generate renderings of these uncanny landscapes with an accuracy of within 10 ft resolution. By removing the surface, itself and rendering the landscape with only lines projected obliquely, we abstract these places into pure spatial configurations. Allowing us to start to see that a mine is not just an excavation, it is also proportional to its surrounding mountains. Or that a dam is not just a wall, it is also the reservoir behind it and the valley in front of it.

ELL : Process

ELL-sf is the performance-based art space produced and operated by F.Jason Campbell [ELL] from 2015-2020. The following work considers:

The (ongoing) role of an architect in city, and the alternative methods of practice required to remain relevant; to develop a position on the contemporary art gallery as a business model; to show up for a community of cultural workers whose practice are critical to the definitions of place; and to make work...among the growing list of other thoughts.