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This project at ELL explores the curation, performance, and transaction of culture within the record shop type. Designing a show on art and cultural transaction, through the lens of Nicholas Basta, became the prompt to reconsider:

what we sell

how we sell

the value of space and its representation.

a video by: eighty9s |

Roots & Branches embodies the decade long pact between an artist, place and community. The understated motifs and patterns of the Bay Area are modified and spliced in the works and sounds of Nicholas Basta, a process that has repositioned ELL as a Record Shop -  a space built on stories and exchange.

Oakland artist and educator Nicholas Basta brings his practice and long standing creative relationships to ELL to explore the beginnings of Roots & Branches in this collaborative exhibition - of DJ's and beatmakers; illustrators and artists; photographers and directors - and to investigate a space in between creativity and commerce.


15% of sales help Elevate Oakland, a local non profit keeping art and music alive in Oakland public schools. | Elevate Oakland


collage by : RootsandBranches

Nicholas Basta

Roots & Branches started in 2006 as a community art project focused on making art and music accessible to youth while activating public spaces and building community with block parties and all ages events. Roots & Branches was co-founded by artist/educator Nicholas Basta, who has led the project through various phases over the past eleven years. As an educator, Basta has worked with a range of Oakland non-profit organizations and schools, most recently directing an artist in residence program that brings veteran musicians into public schools with music programs in need of major support. As an artist, Basta’s work ranges from DJing, building collages from found images and sounds, creating graphics that tell stories, video editing, and creating visual art. Roots & Branches aims to produce high quality creative works in various mediums to help companies, organizations and individuals tell their story, bring people together and generate dialogue.


Born to Roam Vintage . Forthrite Printing . Asonic . Bsidez . ChefLee . Eighty9s . pAS dOO . Dave's Records . Econo Jam . Groove Merchant

Hieroglyphics . Park Blvd . Vamp Music . Cinque . Jeff "Silence" Arthur . Kel Troughton . Mike Park . Patrick Sean Gibson


Wednesday's :11am - 4pm | Open Shop

Feb.22: Opening

This show transforms our storefront space into a record store to explore the intersection of place, art, and commerce.

Mar.22: Vinyl Night

DJ Sets by: Professor Brian Oblivion .of. Groove Merchant . Jonny Paycheck .of. Park Blvd . DJ Basta .of. Roots and Branches . Miss T .of. Vamp Music . Dave .of. Dave's Records

Apr.26: Beats to Lathe

Experiments in sound and image. A live jam session [samplers, turntables, instrumental, and vocal] all recorded live to on-of-one lathe cut record in real time. Petra Fi-Records are bringing out their record lathe for the night and will be making all of the recordings available. Interactive video experience by Flatspot.

May.5: Femme & Them . presented by RootsandBranches + Mimi + Nara

A showcase of Femme, Non-Binary, Queer, Trans, BIPOC creative energy and production.

Proceeds benefit the TGI Justice Project - an organization that helps current and former incarcerated Trans Womxn.

May24: Artist Talk + Closing Event

Music by DJ Imperial . Stanley Ipkuss

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